Data Labelling and Annotation

By outsourcing your annotation needs to Emerge-Consultants, you can optimize your resources and focus on core business activities. We ensure timely delivery and scalability to handle large volumes of data, allowing you to meet project deadlines and scale your operations.

Data Labelling and Annotation Solutions

Image Annotation

  • Labeling objects, regions
  • Features within an image
  • Bounding boxes, polygons, key points
  • Semantic segmentation

Video Annotation

  • Labeling objects or events
  • Tracking objects
  • Object classification
  • Activity recognition

Text Annotation

  • Labeling and tagging textual data
  • Named entity recognition
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Text classification
  • Text summarization

Audio Annotation

  • Annotating audio or speech data
  • Transcription
  • Speaker diarization
  • Emotion recognition
  • Speech-to-text conversion

Data Entry Annotation

  • Contextual information to enhance data understanding and analysis
  • Additional insights, facilitate machine learning
  • Improve data search and retrieval

AI Data Training

  • Improves accuracy, optimizes decision-making
  • Enables predictive capabilities
  • Trained models enhance efficiency

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1-5 Appointments per campaign a month

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