We are very pleased to announce our new joiners to the Emerge family today.

Zarar Zafar is our Associate Consultant and will be supporting our Data Science Services we provide to our clients.He has a 1st Class Honours degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and has completed work placements in Technology at Morgan Stanley Global Investment Bank in London. Post Morgan Stanley, Zarar decided to focus on self employment and use his Mathematical skills and techniques to develop algorithms and formulas to apply to strategic games of chance, in particular Texas Hold’Em Poker. He is interested in cutting edge field of Data Science and given his strong Mathematical/Computational background applied to join Emerge Consultants as a Trainee Associate. In his free time, Zarar enjoys studying and performing Improv Comedy Acting (has performed a show to live Audiences), Learning the keyboard, Salsa Dancing, cooking good Food and attending cooking classes and reading psychological/sociological reports on general factors affecting society.

Zaki is a second-year student, who is studying Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and is interested in the financial industry. He hopes to further his undergraduate studies by doing an MSc in Finance. Zaki is a passionate speaker, who has two public speaking certificates awarded to him and he understands the skills required to succeed in the world of Finance having had some previous work experience at Barclays. His love for Finance is also expressed by running his 6th form Finance Society and being the current Economics Course Representative at the London School of Economics for his year. Zaki will be supporting our internal team and has already met with a large US Investment bank on his first day and a charity organisation on his second day!