Back Office Support

Not every business has the time or resources to hire and retain on ground skilled back-office talent. Delegating away the work that feels mundane but is critical to your business? We can give you more flexibility to meet business goals. Back-office support operations are not trivial. You need skilled professionals with domain expertise and operational excellence to get tasks done quickly and correctly every time. Let your teams focus on the skills that drive your growth, and our people can handle the rest.

Back Office Solutions

Property Listing

  • Gathering and processing the host’s information
  • Prioritizing different categorized properties and modify accordingly
  • Ensuring the quality of a property from description to amenities
  • Modifying and processing properties for different channels
  • Providing customer support in channels

Travel, tourism and hospitality

  • Observing and reporting competitor’s services and offerings
  • Listing creating and processing to the channels
  • Ensuring the quality through checking
  • Moderating UGC content in sites
  • Providing customer service in different channels


  • Categorizing and tagging different types of products or service
  • Product uploading, content and image editing at the back end
  • Creating product advertisements and uploading on social media
  • Providing customer service on different site

Content Moderation

  • Social media or any site, we ensure the moderation of posts, comments or reviews
  • We also operate the content moderation process throughout the filtration of inappropriate or unwanted videos or images
  • We can ensure our clients with the accurate observation by properly trained up and skilled resources

Food & Menu Optimization

  • We create, upload and update menus with proper expertise and quality assurance
  • Monitoring user generated content and moderating them
  • Providing customer support by replying comments or reviews and live chat

Back-end System Modernization

  • We offer back end and system modernization
  • Value adding research work
  • Utilizing statistical tools, collecting relevant articles and reviews etc

Tagging & Categorization

  • Tagging products and categorizing products or services from the database
  • We also operate the content moderation process throughout the filtration of inappropriate or unwanted videos or images
  • Tagging content for better searching products

Dropshipping Management

  • We handle the Dropshipping process efficiently from order management to refund
  • We provide customer support through skilled resources
  • We execute the Marketing campaign through different channels
  • We ensure the perfect editing of content to make them more attractive to the customers

Data Labelling and Annotation

  • We draw tight boxes around the objects, indicating the locations in each image
  • Each object is tracked and annotated frame by frame. Upload your video, rest Is ours.
  • Your NLP product is fed with rich text descriptions as a result of co-one services.

With Emerge BPO your Business receives:

10% average closing rate

10:1 $10-dollar return per $1

1-5 Appointments per campaign a month

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