Simplify Your Data And Why You Need a Data Scientist

by Hane Aung (PhD)

Thinking beyond databases

Big Data is everywhere, in today’s world valuable data is not just in standard databases, spreadsheets or organized file systems. You can retrieve and process valuable data from unstructured sources as well as structured systems. Your company already possesses a wealth of unstructured Big Data in many formats. For example, information can be gained from text-based messages, meeting minutes, reports and literature which can be processed using modern Natural Language Processing techniques to extract knowledge and understanding on a matter or topic important to you. Information can also be gained from a wide array of behavioral data that can relate to your clients, customers or employees through their interaction with your systems. This will allow you to have insight and a better understanding of the stakeholders that matter to your company as well and to potentially attract the customers and employees that you actually want.

Make informed and timely decisions

Getting the most out of both your structured and unstructured data can lead to the identification of points of profit, prevent waste, maintain efficiency and even detect potential fraud. Nowadays, there is a range of tried and tested Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition methods for all types of requirements. State of the art methods in Artificial Intelligence are fast becoming ever more accurate in forecasting trends and change points, uncovering hitherto unknown facts and even creating new plans and policies that may even be counter intuitive to a person.

Our experts have experience in the application of a wide range of real-world solutions and we will provide efficient and direct guidance, so you do not waste valuable time by embarking on an inefficient ‘try and see’ approach and miss those fleeting profitable opportunities. Moreover, our guidance will include advice on the validity on the outcomes. We will also suggest the right tools and methods that will suit you and your employees to the usability level that you require and help you set up these systems in a bespoke and cost-effective way.

We speak your language

Our experts have experience working in diverse environments and communities with a range of people from many sectors. We understand that there is implicit knowledge that you will have about your aims and objectives but may be unfamiliar with Data Science. Our team will engage with you in a jargon-less manner and endeavour to understand your needs from your perspective.

As our experts stem from not just the commercial sector but also from world class academic institutions we have experience in training people from scratch to a professional grade level. We have trained people on a range of topics from basic statistical analytics all the way to the state-of-the-art in Deep Learning and other cutting-edge methods. You will have continuous comprehensible guidance in a clear and obfuscated way.

How can we help

Emerge Consultants are subject matter experts with an individual minimum requirement of 18 years industry experience in solving complex business problems. We have specialist knowledge in our 4 core practice management pillars – Strategy, Risk and Compliance, Digital Transformation, Data Science and Outsourcing Solutions. We bring innovation and intelligent solutions to our clients.

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