What We Do…

Advisory | Delivery | Learning

Emerge Consultants assist our clients navigate through their business, regulatory and IT challenges.

We embrace change, execute our clients strategy, realise their benefits and provide ongoing learning & training.

Strategy, Transformation & Change

We provide practical advice to our clients on transformation strategy by focusing on Benefits Management and Value Added delivery solutions

Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment, Implementation and delivery
  • Provide expertise and advise on essential regulatory changes
  • Develop tailored regulatory and compliance programmes based on local

Portfolio, Programme and Project Delivery

We simplify your project management needs from strategy through to implementation and delivery

Tactical, Cost cutting & Outsourcing solutions

  • Emerge Consultants will maximise your bottom line by ensuring your supply chain work harder, increase productivity and increase income
  • Align our payment to your success so we both have a vested interest

Our Achievements


We have worked with the worlds top 10 largest banks




Consultants with minimum 10 years industry experience



Our bespoke tools and techniques

Knowledge Bank

  • Client Case Studies
  • Best Practices
  • Methodologies & Industry White Papers

Tools & Templates

  • Customised tools to assist your organisation accomplish change and optimise operational efficiency
  • Project Management tool and templates (Over 40+ templates available)

eLearning solutions

  • We provide elearning customised training courses to our clients
  • Over 16 courses accredited by organisations such as International Institute of Business Analysis

Emerge Consultants can deploy and mobilise our experienced consultants within your project delivery environment and ensure there is close partnership and synergy with your business and regulatory goals.

Our expert consultants look at your organisations needs and requirements, help build your strategy and assist you throughout your journey from implementation to delivery. In our experience, this close partnership with your team is the most effective way to drive a successful organizational change effort, which often includes strong communication, stakeholder management and efficient service delivery..


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